About Our Church

Calvary Chapel Meridian

Calvary Chapel Meridian began back in 1996 as a few friends meeting in a back yard in Caldwell, Idaho for a Bible study.  As the group grew they eventually ended up in a log cabin church in Middleton, Idaho.  Don Hisel was the pastor at that time and continued up until March 2009.  The church was known as Family Fellowship in those days, but remained a Calvary Chapel affiliate throughout.

Troy Drake was sent by Calvary Chapel Boise in April 2009 to pastor the church when Pastor Don left.  The church essentially started over at that time, as the Lord brought all new people into the family.  As we began to grow out of the building in Middleton, God made it clear to Pastor Troy that He wanted to move the church location from Middleton to Meridian, Idaho.  After much fasting and prayer by the leadership (and looking at several potential locations), the church was officially moved to Meridian and began sharing space with The Experience church (Seventh Day Adventists who worship on Saturday).   Since that first Meridian location, we have moved two more times and are currently meeting at the Meridian Middle School Auditorium while we are in the process of building a larger church facility in a warehouse.

Pastor Troy has been a Christian since 1994 when he was saved through a radio outreach of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, California.  He and his wife Chelsea were married in 2000. They have three daughters.